Our scented candles are made from a coconut, rapeseed and soy wax blend; a natural and entirely sustainable material. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all of these ingredients are ethically produced, GMO free, and not extracted from rainforest regions. 

As well as being sustainable, natural waxes produce a much cleaner burn than paraffin-based alternatives which have been shown to release harmful chemicals such as toluene and benzene.



Our commitment to the use of ethically sourced natural wax is an endeavour to show that neither style, substance, nor affordability must be sacrificed in the name of sustainability. This commitment is motivated by a fundamental respect for the environment.

We use recycled packaging where possible, and all of our printed matter is made from post-consumer material. At present, our glass containers for our candles are not made from recycled glass, although this is something we are working toward. We kindly ask our customers to reuse or recycle the empty glass containers and boxes once each candle has reached the end of its burn.



In the candle-making process, a hardening agent called stearic acid is added to the wax. Though stearic acid can be derived from both animal fats and vegetable fats, there is a widespread use of the animal fat derivative in the home fragrance industry. Not only does this practice render these products unsuitable for vegans, it is further problematised by the fact that it is extremely difficult to know whether an animal-derived stearic acid has been used. As a response to this practice, we developed a collection of candles that are undisputedly vegan friendly and cruelty-free. Koppraia scented candles do not contain animal-derived stearic acid, beeswax, or any other animal products. 

We do not test any of our products or ingredients on animals, and do not delegate this task to third parties to act on our behalf. We would not consider entry to the Chinese market or any other countries where animal testing for fragrances is mandatory.



If you have any further queries or suggestions on how we could be doing better, please contact us at