Dissolving the boundary between escapism and pure awareness, Koppraia scented candles offer a new perspective on celebrating the present moment. Each scent is crafted as a modern interpretation of traditional fragrances, resulting in unique olfactory experiences that are uncharted yet reminiscent.

Born from the ambition to develop a luxury brand with an ecological consciousness, Koppraia is a response to the use of unsustainable, unhealthy mineral waxes, and the undisclosed use of animal-derived products in the home fragrance industry. As a reflection of this philosophy, our name was taken from the Tamil word ‘kopprai’ in reference to the dry coconut kernel where coconut oil is extracted for use in our signature plant-based wax blend. 


We want to enable our customers to make conscious purchases, so for us sustainability isn't an aesthetic but rather an integral part of our brand. Learn more.