Hello there.


Thank you for visiting our site and coming to see what Koppraia is all about. It seemed appropriate that the first post of our new blog should explain why we’re doing what we’re doing.


First of all, it makes sense to address the question, ‘why candles’? Well, because lighting a candle is an exercise in mindfulness. Even though the moment might be fleeting, the lighting of a candle signifies a consciousness of the present, and it often provides a momentary relief from the busy distractions of everyday life. This is why we describe our candles as ‘dissolving the boundary between escapism and pure awareness’ – it might appear contradictory, but to us it makes complete sense. You don’t have to escape from reality to reach a state of calm; and an awareness of the present doesn’t mean succumbing to daily stresses. Enjoying a candle can simultaneously be a form of escapism from daily events, yet still be firmly rooted in the present. This quiet sentiment is reflected in our minimal design, which also leaves room for the fragrances to speak for themselves.



With this in mind we set out to find a composition of wax that worked best for us. Our wax is a blend of soy, rapeseed and coconut, which is an entirely sustainable material – an integral aspect of our brand. Since soy wax can be quite soft on its own, the rapeseed and coconut ingredients stabilise and harden the wax mixture.


Some people think that paraffin wax (derived from petroleum) lends a better ‘throw’ to a candle’s fragrance, but though the scent may have a stronger hit with paraffin wax, this doesn’t always amount to the best sensory experience. Having said that, we’ve found that soy waxes are able to produce an excellent scent throw, whilst enabling the complexity of the fragrance to come through. In addition to this, using a plant-based composition means that burning Koppraia candles does not release the harmful toluene and benzene toxins, or black smoke that come from burning paraffin wax candles. We can also say that we do not have to rely on the petroleum industry for our wax, and it is completely renewable and biodegradable.


We hope that you enjoy our debut collection, and we’re already looking forward to introducing future releases and collaborations. We hope you’ll join us on our ‘unique olfactory journey’.